Themes Covered in this Conference


3D Printing

This is something that is impacting how we practice medicine already, and it will become even more widespread in the next decade. Learn how scientists, engineers and orthopaedic surgeons are using this technology to advance limb reconstruction, printing not just with composites, but also with cells.

Learn about types of 3D printer and what it can do for your practice.


Major Incidents

Manchester was tragically affected by a terrorist attack in 2017. Learn from those with experience of having to deal with casualties from these attacks, including the Bataclan in Paris and the Arena bombing in Manchester. How can you best respond? What tips for surgical treatment should you know? These are vital questions as, unfortunately, it is not a question of if it will happen again, but when.

Knee Limb Reconstruction Surgery

Learn from experts about how to deal with periarticular fractures, malaligment and malunions. As well as simpler osteotomies, there will be discussions on newer techniques in surgery, rehabilitation and dealing with complications. This session will be of use to the occassional as well as regular knee limb reconstruction surgeon.


Paediatric Foot Deformities

Foot deformities are difficult problems in both children and adults. Butt Frames and Mitre Frames with adjunctive surgery present a powerful means of deformity correction. The speakers will go through basic and advanced techniques.


Keynote Speeches

Masquelet Induced Membrane Technique

The Basic Science of Fracture Healing

Reverse Planning for Mechanical Axis Correction

Paediatric Lecture (TBA)