The Midland Hotel


The Midland Hotel is a grand hotel on St. Peter’s Square in Manchester. It was built opposite the Manchester Central Railway Station (now Manchester Central Exhibition and Conference Centre) and was commissioned by the Midland Railway, as it’s northern terminus for services to London.

Like many buildings in Manchester, it was built in the Edwardian Baroque style. It was, from the outset, a luxurious hotel, with a 1000 seat theatre, and roof terrace where a string quartet performed. It has an ornately decorated red brick and terracotta exterior, with marble lined corridors.

The Edwardian Baroque style was admired by Adolf Hitler, and the Midland was proposed as a possible Nazi headquarters after the conquest of Britain. Hitler also coveted Rochdale Town Hall, and had mused over transporting it, brick by brick, to Germany, once the war had been won.

The Midland was also where Charles Rolls met Henry Royce to form Rolls-Royce, the luxury automobile company, in 1904. The Beatles were refused access to the restaurant for being ‘inappropriately dressed’. The first tango in the UK was danced here.